Dusina u l-kappella ta’ San Mikiel (1575)

Diffiċli tistudja l-istorja tal-Knisja f’pajjiżna – u mqar ta’ l-iċken kappella – mingħajr ma tkun smajt b’Mons. Pietro Dusina. Iż-żjara uffiċċjali tiegħu fl-1575, bħala delagat u viżitatur appostoliku mibgħut mill-Papa Gregorju XIII, tagħtina stampa tar-realtà tal-knisja Maltija għaxar snin biss wara l-Assedju l-Kbir. Kien żmien importanti għall-Knisja Kattolika madwar id-dinja ukoll, fejn il-ħidma u d-deċiżjonijiet meħuda mill-Konċilju ta’ Trentu (1545-1563) bdew, bil-mod il-mod, jiġu implimentati.

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“Seven years in England”

I could say that too. But in this case, the seven years are my brother’s (and sister-in-law’s). Knowing Johann’s his keen eye for detail, and his love of the countryside and the outdoors (and photography), I’m sure the exhibition is worth a visit.

So, if you’re in Malta, and especially at University, head to the Library and enjoy the photos for yourself. To read more, click the link to my brother’s blog post below …

This blog post has been a long time coming. Just over three years ago now, while we were in the process of returning to Malta, I had this thought that I wanted to choose a selection of photos from our time in England to set up a solo exhibition. Over the next few months I […]

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Lasciarsi perdonare (Mt 18,21-35)

Dopo una lunga assenza, finalmente un’altra proposta di lectio #intornoalfuoco. Vorrei riproporre qui il vangelo che abbiamo ascoltato due Domeniche fa, sul perdono. In un certo senso, potremmo dire che è una parabola dove Gesù illustra quella frase del Padre Nostro: rimetti a noi i nostri debiti come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori.

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Keeping Sabbath

And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation. (Genesis 2, 2-3 NRSV)

While going through my blog, sorting out and clearing up, I found this draft blog post written a couple of years ago, while I was in the fury of writing up my PhD thesis. A post about Keeping Shabbath, and learning to rest. True that the things that keep me busy have somewhat changed, but it is still true for me today. And hopefully it may help someone else too.

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Online clean-up (part II)

Last week, I wrote about the need for me to do an online clean-up. These days, I am taking it a step further, and am integrating my blogs Intorno al fuoco. Leggere la Parola di Dio in spirito scout and L-Iklin. Ftit ħżuż storiċi u kulturali here on my primary blog. Back when I started both blogs, it seemed logical to keep a separate blog on a separate topic/project … but in hindsight, it tends to spread my energy more thinly, and so makes far more sense to integrate these as subsection on my personal blog. Hopefully this will simplify things both for me and my readers.

Many thanks to my readers for bearing with me in this. I am trying to update and fix all the links – especially in Intorno al fuoco – but am quite sure that I’ve missed some …


Pellegrini ribelli

PellegriniCondivido con voi un omelia che ho fatto alcuni giorni fa a conclusione di otto giorni di pellegrinaggio sulla Via Francigena. Una messa, nella cripta di San Pietro a Roma, con diversi pellegrini con i quali ho condiviso tratti della strada. Parlo di diversi pellegrini perché non eravamo un gruppo. Nel mio caso, per esempio, viaggiavo solo e camminavo solo, approfittando per farne un tempo di preghiera, un ritiro itinerante. Ma ci si scopre sempre di non essere soli … che comunque nonostante cammini personali diversi, c’è la Via Francigena che ci accomuna. 

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