My first foray into the world of archaeology and history, then as a fifteen-year-old, was an interest in the heritage of my neighbourhood, then a newly set-up Local Council under the name of L-Iklin. Surely not the most advanced of pieces of research, but as far as I’m aware this material has remained the source for many school projects, and for those interested in the local area.

A few months ago, I’ve decided to do something with the material I had at home. For what it’s worth – and I think I did a decent enough job back then as a teenager – I’ve created a dedicated WordPress site (*) to share the material: generally articles that appears in local newsletters. I’m afraid that the site is in Maltese, and there are no immediate plans to translate that work.

Have fun!

[Updated 21.09.2017: I have since joined this into my main blog. You will find the information on]