I think it was about time to admit that I was overreaching. Time to sort out, and clean up, the number of social media platforms and accounts that I can possibly handle. Not so much of a cull, as a healthy pruning.

In fairness, the reason I have multiple pages, blogs and accounts, is a result of multiple facets of my life and multiple projects I’ve ended up with. Projects which are not associated with one another, except that I am the common point of contact, ranging from cultural musings on my own home village; research on Fr Emmanuel Magri; our museum and collection in Jerusalem, where I help curate the collection; and a blog offering Lectio Divina in a scout context. Add to these associated Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, and recently, a half hearted attempt at Instagram.

In truth, it’s enough to look at the stats, and see where the interaction is taking place. In such a way, I can focus any energy I spend on where it is sensible. I have therefore said goodbye to Instagram, and kept only my personal account on Twitter, closing the project related ones that I wasn’t using anyway.

At least, if not more efficient, it will at least be neater.