Paddle your own canoe

Today’s photo is another from my scouting adventures. I took this picture a few years back (in May 2012, to be precise) at a campo di specialità organised for scouts and guides of the Lazio region. I took part as chaplain, and member of the regional patrol responsible for organising the event. This weekend camp focused on canoeing and sailing, and was held at the lakeside scout base of Bracciano, an hour or so north of Rome.

As to the photo itself, I cannot say much about technique: I guess I was using the program mode [P], essentially point-and-click. The composition, however, I quite like. I also love, how the picture captured the calmness of the lake, just slightly disturbed by the canoe, with the two scouts in action as they paddle. To any scout, I hope, “paddle your own canoe” rings a bell. B.-P., in the preface to his Rovering to Success, compares life to a canoe trip, and invites the older scouts to take up the challenge and “paddle your own canoe”, avoiding the rocks along the voyage of life. While the social context has surely changed, and some of B.-P.’s ideas are undoubtedly weird to us today, scouting (and rovering) has proved remarkably valuable and withstood the test of time.