Nova et vetera

New things, and old.


On the academic side, I am a Lecturer at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, in Rome and Jerusalem, teaching and research in the fields of Biblical studies, ancient history and archaeology.


Research Projects

  • The Figurines of the Southern Levant in the Late Iron Age. My PhD research (since 2012) has focused on the interpretation of figurines of the late Iron Age in Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan.
  • The Lautenschläger Expedition to Azekah. I have taken part so far in four seasons of excavation at Tel Azekah (2013-2016), and have been part of the staff of the excavation for the last four seasons: Area Supervisor in Area N (2016, 2018), and Assistant Area Supervisor (2014-2015) in the same area.
  • Fr Emmanuel Magri SJ (1851-1907). Ongoing research on the life and work of Fr Emmanuel Magri SJ, with a particular focus on his pioneering work in the field of Maltese archaeology. My research has so far been presented in some lectures, papers and book sections on Magri’s work. I have also curated  an exhibition for Magri’s centenary in 2007, organised by Heritage Malta and the Maltese Jesuit Province.
  • Catalogue of Artefacts from Malta at the British Museum. Collaborative project with Dr Claudia Sagona (University of Melbourne) on the material from Malta in the collection of the British Museum. The project has been completed with the publication of a catalogue of the material, including their history in the collection.




Updated: 10.08.2018

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